In-Reach/Outreach Activities

The Small Business Program Offices for the Pantex and the Y-12 National Security Complex may conduct meetings and presentations to educate internal organizations, management, and buying staff concerning small business program policy, procedures, goals, and federal regulations that govern the program.

Outreach activities play a large part in communicating CNS's small business objectives, expectations, requirements, and accomplishments to the community at large. CNS staff, including senior management, is strongly committed to sponsoring and participating in numerous public forums, conferences and professional associations in support of small businesses.

Other involvement and participation may include hosting, sponsoring, and attending local, regional, and national conferences and forums.

CNS Hosts Virtual Partners in Excellence (PIE)

Consolidated Nuclear Security, LLC (CNS) regularly hosts Partners in Excellence (PIE) events. During the events participants learn from CNS leaders about upcoming procurement opportunities, and the processes and requirements of doing business with CNS. Attendance is free, but registration is required. The events are virtually conducted via WebEx.

CNS began the Partners in Excellence event series in April 2018 because the government contract solicitation process can be a bit overwhelming for businesses, particularly for newcomers. Each year, CNS awards approximately $1 billion in subcontracts to businesses to help accomplish specialized tasks in support of its vital national security mission.

If you have questions about the Partners in Excellence events or would like to be added to our invitation list, please contact Randy Crawford or Greta Ownby.

Past CNS Partners in Excellence Forums

April 22, 2021